One day, one volunteer #2

Ani Malakian



Whether it’s welcoming the public at La Plateforme or in cinemas, taking care of the cloakroom, ticketing, or handing out programs, for three years, Ani Malakian has worked in many capacities for festival, with perpetual enthusiasm. "I return every year with pleasure. What I like about being a volunteer is being helpful. And I'm learning a lot here," she explains.

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With a degree in Iranian language and culture, Ani left her hometown of Ararat in Armenia in 2011 to study in Lyon. Passionate about culture, a fan of the late Charles Aznavour, she was immediately "attracted by the posters of the Lumière festival." Initially a moviegoer, the young woman then became a volunteer. An obvious fact for those who have a special relationship with one of the directors honored in Lyon: "The father of filmmaker Henri Verneuil was my father’s cousin. I grew up watching his movies, I'm passionate about his work." After studying French culture at the Catholic University of Lyon, Ani plans to pursue studies in communication, a project which may complement her ambition to become a screenwriter: "I write every day, I keep a kind of logbook." "An addict" of the Lumière festival, Ani used to celebrate her birthday at La Plateforme: "I was born on October 15th, like Henri Verneuil. Quentin Tarantino even wished me my birthday! "This year, it may be Jane Fonda who will say ‘Happy Birthday Ani!’”

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