Invitation to Claire Denis

Deeply influenced by her childhood in Africa, then by directors Wenders and Jarmusch, the filmmaker enjoys playing with the limits of cinema genres and exploring radicalism in all its forms. She will introduce the premiere of her new film, High Life.

Chocolat by Claire Denis  (1988, 1h45)
After more than fifteen years of absence, France returns to Cameroon where she spent her childhood. The memories come rushing back... Claire Denis creates an intimate portrait, based on her own personal memories.
Lumière Terreaux Tue.16 2:30pm | Cinéma Opéra Wed.17 7:15pm

Trouble Every Day by Claire Denis (2001, 1h41) 
Shane flies to Paris with his young spouse, June. He wants to meet Léo, a scientist who protects his wife, Coré, from a strange malady... A mesmerizing and terrifying film about violence and impulses that lie dormant within us.
Institut Lumière Wed.17 9:45pm

Let the Sunshine In by Claire Denis (Un beau soleil intérieur, 2017, 1h34) 
Isabelle, an artist and a divorced mother, is in search of true love... A sentimental comedy, carried by Juliette Binoche. Also with Philippe Katerine, Bruno Podalydes, Josiane Balasko and Gerard Depardieu.
Comœdia Tue.16 4:45pm | Pathé Bellecour Thu.18 2:45pm

High Life by Claire Denis (2018, 1h54) 
A group of criminals participate in a government space mission to find alternative sources of energy... The first sci-fi film by Claire Denis, still probing into the truth of human behavior…
Institut Lumière Wed.17 7pm | Comœdia Sat.20 5pm

Meet Claire Denis

Comédie Odéon Thu.18 11:30am
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