Archival treasures and curiosities

Fans of little-known films and rarities, book your seats for these screenings, proposed by film libraries or archives from around the world: Africa, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, China, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden or Germany (including the amazing Trip to Lyon by Claudia von Alemann).

Cinémas d’Afrique
Africa on the Seine by Paulin Soumanou Vieyra and Mamadou Sarr (Afrique sur Seine, 1955, 21min, ST Angl) 
Is Africa in Africa, or on the banks of the Seine? A generation of artists and students ponder the question, in search of their civilization, their culture, their future...
Lumière Bellecour Wed.17 7:15pm | Lumière Fourmi Thu.18 2:15pm
Followed by
Hyenas by Djibril Diop Mambéty (Hyènes, 1992, 1h48) 
After 30 years of absence, Linguère Ramatou returns to her village in the Sahel, determined to take revenge on her former lover... Comedy and tragedy, a bitter reflection on the power of money and the mysterious ways of Evil.
Lumière Bellecour Wed.17 7:15pm | Lumière Fourmi Thu.18 2:15pm

Cinemateca Portuguesa
O Taxi n°9297 by Reinaldo Ferreira (1927, 2h02) 
A young American officer based in Lisbon meets a man who claims to have the worst reputation in Portugal... An intriguing investigation on par with Agatha Christie, based on a true story that had captured the fascination of the country, by a filmmaker who was a top journalist of his day, writing under the name Reporter X.
Institut Lumière Thu.18 10:45am

Cineteca Nazionale di Roma
Seven Golden Men by Marco Vicario (7 uomini d’oro, 1965, 1h30) 
Professor Albert (Philippe Leroy) is developing a plan to steal gold from the Swiss National Bank. Everything is planned down to the last detail... A parody of gangster films, starring the sublime Rossana Podesta.
Pathé Bellecour Tue.16 6:45pm | Comoedia Wed.17 11am

Deutsche Kinemathek
The Trip to Lyon by Claudia von Alemann (Die Reise nach Lyon, 1981, 1h52) 
Elisabeth, a young German historian, goes to Lyon on the traces of the 19th century socialist writer Flora Tristan... A snapshot of a city, with a stroll through Brotteaux or on the banks of the Saône, in search of a lost past.
Villa Lumière Sun.14 7:30pm | Lumière Terreaux Mon.15 2:30pm

Hungarian Film Archive
Professeur Hannibal by Zoltán Fábri (Hannibál tanár úr, 1956, 1h28, ST Fr/Angl) 
In fascist Hungary of the 1930s, a modest professor publishes a thesis on Carthaginian general Hannibal, who is disliked by dictator Horthy... A bold statement on freedom of thought, denouncing all totalitarian ideologies.
Villa Lumière Tue.16 2:30pm | Pathé Bellecour Wed.17 9:45pm

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears by Vladimir Menshov (Moskva slezam ne verit, 1980, 2h29) 
Moscow, 1950s. The fates of three women who settle in the capital, determined to conquer life... The film was a huge success in Russia and abroad, nominated for a Golden Bear in Berlin and winner of an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.
Villa Lumière Sun.14 4:15pm | Lumière Bellecour Mon.15 2:15pm

Shanghai International Film Festival
Hibiscus Town by Xie Jin (Fú róng zhèn, 1986, 2h44) 
Hu Yuyin and Li Guigui, a couple of restaurateurs, have their new house confiscated during the Cultural Revolution... Marked by personal experience, Xie Jin signs a political melodrama with sumptuous imagery.
Lumière Bellecour Fri.19 2:15pm | Cinéma Opéra Sat.20 2:15pm

Slovak Film Institute
The Case of Barnabás Kos by Peter Solan (Prípad Barnabáš Kos, 1964, 1h32)
Barnabás Kos, an ambitious triangle player, becomes conductor of the great symphony orchestra in which he plays... A satirical comedy about the weakness of the human soul and the vanity of men who achieve power.
Lumière Fourmi Tue.16 4:45pm | Lumière Bellecour Wed.17 10pm

Swedish Film Institute
Raven’s End by Bo Widerberg (Kvarteret Korpen, 1963, 1h41) 
Sweden, 1936. The young Anders, born to a working-class family, dreams of only one thing: escaping his daily life... A social drama that gives a fair and humanistic focus on the struggles of the working poor.
Lumière Bellecour Tue.16 9:30pm | Lumière Fourmi Wed.17 7:15pm


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